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Literature review and project specification Research Paper

Literature review and project specification - Research Paper Example More particularly, different studies prove the connection, practically and theoretically, between the employment influences of organizations’ ICT ventures and the effect of ICT dissemination on organizational factors linked to human resources. Berman and colleagues (2009) identify a growth in mandatory competencies during the 1980s in the sector of manufacturing, which is in part ascribed to the arrival of ICT. Bresnahan and Gambardella (2004) claim that employees and organizations have to implement the application of ICT, and provide empirical proof, at the organizational level, about the connection between the characteristics of the labor force and new recruitment practices. They show that organizations that implement innovation linked to ICT, development of new products or services, and restructuring of work, have a tendency to recruit more skilled employees. Ultimately, Landry and colleagues (2003) analyze the evolving nature of work in the period of technological innovati on (i.e. emergence of e-business) and underline major changes in organizational practices, accompanied with a marked transition towards a labor market of adaptable, skilled groups of entrepreneurial workers. It could be that developments in the use of ICT are aggravating the disparity in employability between the rich and poor technology savvies, also referred to as the ‘digital divide’ (Sims 2002). Current investigations highlight the relationships between social inequalities and ICT, their effect on recruitment practices, vocational training, professional competencies, wages, and others. As suggested by Milgrom and Roberts (1990), a business organization can be considered as a structure founded on agreements between each of its parties, comprising its workers. The interdependencies and ties that arise among those parties necessitate prompt information in order to sustain harmony. Furthermore, in competitive, demanding environments, there is an apparent need to initiat e changes in the firm toward more resilient practices, where regular job-training and specialization are means (Swart, Mann, Brown & Price 2005). In this situation, technological innovation simplifies the flow and organization of information, giving a needed assistance to the organization. The adjustment of the organizational recruitment practices is hence facilitated, allowing the formation of intricate organizations in the form of a system, in contrast to the former hierarchies founded on centralization, and reassigning an essential function to its workers through decentralization of the process of decision making (Swart et al. 2005). The arrival of innovative practices, and its relation to recruitment methods, has been broadly studied in the scholarly literature at the organizational level, leading to a number of studies of the notion referred to as ‘skill-biased technical change’ (SBTC) (Lawler, Mohrman, Mark & Neilson 2003). SBTC, more particularly, studies how the arrival of new technologies creates a prejudice towards more competent employees, and brings about a comparative boost in the demand for competent employees, because these competent employees are required in order to exploit the innovations appropriately (Lawler et al. 2003). A transformation in recruitment practices will be inclined in support of competent employees, or skill-inclined, if the new competencies are more expensive to obtain than those needed to work with old system, while

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Value Proposition Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Value Proposition - Essay Example For the reason that no company or product was developing a Catalogue app, a Smart Interface Solutions has registered the Catalogue app, a cheap and easy in use and setup mobile Micro Enterprise Resource Planning, the product will be good idea for the small business. The product will be available on any smartphone as a powerful and smart inventory management tool. The interface will use the smartphone technologies such as camera, GPS, accelerometer and Bluetooth. The Catalogue app is a highly adaptable inventory management and tracking app, the primary target audience is the traders and small entrepreneurs focused on the stock management system with the easy interface. While, small enterprises do not have access to he significant finance for specialized hardware, the product will be a solution in this area. In terms of user interface and configurations, they are functionally identical with the larger desktop variants within the same software. The main benefits for the customer is the efficiency, ability to save user’s time, accuracy of the data received, ability to make an analysis of the data and reduction of task repetition processes. In terms of costs, the product will not cost much; customers will be able to train when using the app. It will allow customers to configure and manage their software on the computer of the usual size through the available software. An app will give a possibility to design that information which user wants. Such opportunity is one for the purpose to make Catalogue adaptable to all applications.

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Hybrid Electric Cars, Combustion Engine driven cars and their Impact on Environment Essay Example for Free

Hybrid Electric Cars, Combustion Engine driven cars and their Impact on Environment Essay Fig. 1. Estimated grows of Planet Earth Population But the expected grow of automobiles will grow much rapidly. The growth will be caused mainly with inevitable living standard improving in many countries like Africa, South Asia and South America together with enlarging of population in these regions. The estimated grows of automobiles over whole Earth is shown in Fig. 2. From comparison of both figures results that the population may grow between years 2000 to 2050 from 6 to 10 milliards that means 1. 7 times, but the expected vehicle number will grow from 0. 7 to 2. 5 milliards that is 3. 6 times. This work was supported by Research Center of Combustion Engines and Automobile Technology. 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 1980 Rada1 1990 2000 2010 2020 2030 years Fig. 3. Total world production of CO2 These problems are so serious that they became very important theme of international discussions. Results of these discussions were settled in the Kyoto Protocol. Kyoto Protocol is an agreement made under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Automobiles produce approximately a half of the total world production of CO2. Let us imagine that a good new car produces approximately 160 g of CO2 pro each km. There are many possibilities how to diminish this terrible amount. Electric hybrid cars are produced in enlarging numbers and they reach enlarging popularity between customers. They bring a new possibility how to diminish the world CO2 production. II. ELECTRIC HYBRID CAR SYSTEMS Hybrid electric vehicles combine electric and internal combustion engine drive. Hybrid electric vehicles combine the zero pollution benefits of electric motors with the high fuel energy density benefits of the thermal engine. Hybrid electric drives adjust the combustion engine load and revolutions into the point of best motor efficiency and lowest motor emissions. [1], [4], [6], [7]. A. Basic Drive Configurations Series hybrid drive in Fig. 4 presents a combination of different energy sources. In the picture the energy sources are the combustion engine and the battery. The internal combustion engine ICE propels a generator. Total power in form of the generator electric power and the battery electric power are summed in the traction motor. There is no mechanical connection between ICE and wheels. internal combustion engine generator ICE gear box GB battery traction motor TM BAT ICE Fig. 5 Parallel hybrid drive G battery Combined switched hybrid drive in Fig. 6 is based on series hybrid drive with mechanical coupling using a clutch between generator and traction motor. It is series hybrid drive when the clutch is off. BAT traction motor internal combustion engine ICE TM generator G battery BAT coupling Fig. 4. Series hybrid drive Battery acts as energy buffer. Advantage of series hybrid drive is the possibility to operate the thermal engine ICE in optimal revolutions quite free from the car velocity. That results in low specific fuel consumption and in low gas emission for any traction load and car velocity. Efficiency of energy conversions in the system must be taken in account. Parallel hybrid drive in Fig. 5 is a combination of ICE and electric traction motor on the same shaft. Traction motor is supplied by battery and its output is separated from the ICE output. Final traction torque is sum of both motors torque. Power transmission is more effective than in series hybrid drive because the mechanical ICE output is not transformed in electrical output. But the ICE cannot work in optimal load regime because its speed is not free from the car velocity. traction motor internal combustion engine TM Fig. 6. Combined switched hybrid drive The generator supplies the electric energy to the traction motor. When the car speed and ICE speed and power are high but the difference between ICE speed and car speed is small, it is better to operate the scheme as parallel hybrid drive and the clutch is on in such a case. On this regime the ICE power and speed are high and the ICE can operate with small output changes. The difference between desired traction output and ICE optimal output is stored in or discharged from the accumulator. The drive is depicted in Fig. 9. It consists with gasoline engine, double rotor DC generator, and traction motor. traction motor Combined hybrid with planetary gear in Fig. 7 is a topology where mechanical power splitting is used. The splitting is performed in the planetary gear. In this scheme the generator rotates with speed, which is difference between the ICE and car speed. This solution allows splitting the ICE output into two parts. rotating stator control unit generator ~ ~ generator gasoline engine traction motor ICE planet gear Fig. 7. Combined hybrid with planetary grar The first part is proportional to the difference between the ICE and car speed and the second is proportional to the car speed. The first part is transformed into electric energy in the generator and supplied to the traction motor. The second part is transferred by the output planet shaft directly to car wheels. This scheme allows controlling the engine speed and torque and this is the way how to minimize fuel consumption. Electric power splitting drive using DC machines was used on Czechoslovak express motor cars in the year 1936. The patent document was emitted in Czechoslovakia with Nr 53 735 on 25. February 1936. [1], [2], [3]. DC machines were usual on railway vehicles at that time. The vehicle was called :†Slovenska Strela† and remained in service till the year 1950. It should be reconstructed and modernized later on. But electrification of the main railway connection between Prague-Kosice replaced this very interesting vehicle with express electric locomotives. Fig. 8. Express railway car â€Å"Slovenska Strela† clutch rotor output shaft Fig. 9. Electric power splitting drive of express car â€Å"Slovenska Strela† The ICE drives a DC generator which â€Å"stator† and rotor can rotate separately. The â€Å"stator† is firmly coupled with the ICE shaft. The rotor is coupled with car wheels. On the car shaft is mounted a DC electric traction motor supplied by the voltage induced in the generator. The splitting is performed in the generator. The relative speed between generator â€Å"stator† and rotor is difference between the ICE and car speeds. This solution allows split the ICE output into two parts. The first part is proportional to the difference between the ICE and car speed and the second is proportional to the car speed. The first part is transformed into electric energy in the generator and supplied to the traction motor. The second part is transferred directly by means of electromagnetic torque in the generator air gap to the car wheels. This scheme allows controlling the ICE speed independently from the car speed and this is the way how to minimize fuel consumption. Model of Electric Power Splitting Drive Using AC Machines was implemented in the laboratory of Josef Bozek Research Center of Engine and Automotive Technology at the Technical University in Prague. The physical model of the drive is seen in Fig. 10. It is experimental electric hybrid car drive of a small power. [5], [9], [11], [13], [14], [15]. The output is 7. 5 kW, 0 – 6000 min-1.. Electronic converters and supercapacitor EC are integrated in the circuit between electric power divider SPGM and traction motor TM. The super capacitor as a peak energy storage has 100F, 56V and 400 A. It is able to accept the kinetic energy during braking the vehicle of the mass 1500kg from the velocity 60km/hour and regenerate it during next speeding up. Principle of the system is depicted in Fig. 10. The combustion engine COM ENG drives the electric power divider SGPM. The power divider is a special double rotor synchronous permanent magnet generator. The first rotor is firmly connected with the combustion engine shaft. The second rotor is firmly connected with the traction motor TM and with car wheels. The traction motor is supplied with electric power induced by differential velocity between first and second rotors. Parameters of this electric power (voltage, current and frequency) are changed in electronic converter in EC. Power of the combustion engine is divided into two parts. used for evaluation and comparison of car’s performance, pollution production, efficiencies etc. Simulations were performed on New European Driving Cycle NEDC. The NEDC is shown in Fig. 11. Total distance 10,9km Speed (km/hour) EC ELM CLUTCH COM ENG TM SGPM base Fig. 10. Physical model of Electric Splitting Drive Using AC Machines The incoming power P1=T1* ? 1 is the power of combustion engine producing torque T1 at angular velocity ? 1. Torque T1 is transferred with electromagnetic force to the second rotor, rotating at angular velocity ? 2 which is the same as car velocity. Power transmitted to car wheels by this torque is therefore Pm=T1*? 2. Remaining power is induced by magnetic field into the electric winding arranged on the second rotor. Neglecting losses this power is Pel=P1-Pm=T1*(? 1-? 2). Power Pel is transferred via electronic converter in EC to the traction motor TM and finally added to power Pm on car wheels. Incoming power P1 from combustion engine is by this technique divided into two parts Pm and Pel. Combustion engine can rotate with angular velocity which does not depend from the car velocity III. SIMULATION OF FUEL CONSUMPTION OF HYBRID ELECTRIC CARS Main advantage of electric hybrid cars is the diminishing of fuel consumption. The production of CO2 depends on the fuel consumption and on the working conditions of the ICE. The working conditions of the ICE are much better in electric hybrid cars than in conventional cars generally. Simulations were done with the mathematical model of Electric Power Splitting Drive Using AC Machines. Measured parameters and features obtained in the laboratory [11], [13], [14] were used for the simulation. The mathematical model of a conventional car and hybrid electric car with electric power divider was established in [15] [16] Comparisons of this art are usualy done on different standard driving cycles. Standard driving cycle represents a driving pattern of a certain geographic region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific). These driving cycles are Time (s) Fig. 11 New European Driving Cycle Parameters of compared cars and results of simulation are shown in Tab. 1 TABLE I SIMULATION RESULTS Vehicle type, manufacturer Driving Cycle Total mass (kg) Specific Consumption during total NEDC (l/100km). Total emissions CO2 (g) Specific emissions (g/km) First case Second case NEDC Skoda 1. 2HTP NEDC 1450 1120 5. 1 5. 9 1333 1540 122. 9 142 Model Fabia Two cases are shown. In both of them the New European Driving Cycle was simulated. Case first: Hybrid electric car with electric power divider. The mass of the car respects the additional mass of electric part of the powertrain. Case second: Conventional car Skoda Fabia 1. 2 HTP. The results shown in Tab. 1 allow to make following conclusions: When comparing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions between hybrid car with electric power divider versus conventional car of the same class (that means the same primary ICE engine power and respecting additional mass of the electric powertrain machines), we can conclude that the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are significantly lower at the hybrid car. Hybridization of such cars brings not only fuel savings but also is much more environmentally friendly. I. CONCLUSION The production of dangerous greenhouse gas emissions and consumption of world energy resources become a serious problem. Especially CO2 emissions can influence the climate stability of Planet Earth. The automobile business contributes to this development a lot. But the automobile technology has space to be improved. The electric and hybrid electric vehicles can contribute to diminishing of fuel consumption and green gases production. The hybrid electric vehicles makes it possible to operate the combustion engine in more suitable regimes with better fuel combustion conditions. Some hybrid systems even enable to operate the combustion engine in best relation between power and revolutions. Systems with power dividers allow the engine to operate in revolutions that are quite independent from the car velocity. Simulations were done with the mathematical model of Electric Power Splitting Drive Using AC Machines. Measured parameters and features obtained in the laboratory were used for the simulation. Simulations were performed on New European Driving Cycle NEDC. Results of one commercial car and one hybrid electric car with electric power divider are published. Fuel consumption of the hybrid car on the new European Driving Cycle was 5,1 l/km. The commercial car consumed 5,9 l/km. The hybrid car consumption is 13. 6% lower then at commercial car. Similar numbers were obtained with respect to CO2 production. The hybrid car produced 1333 g CO2 on the New European Driving Cycle. Commercial car produced 1540 g CO2. Hybrid car with electric power divider produced 13. 5% less CO2 . REFERENCES [1] V. Klima : Electro-mechanic drive DELKA and its comparison with Dieselelectric drive. (Elektro mechanicky pohon DELKA a jeho srovnani s normalnim Diesel-elektrickym pohonem. ) Elektrotechnicky obzor 1949, Nr. 19, Pg. 489-496 [2] J. Sousedik : Patent document Czechoslovakia Nr 53 735 from 25. February 1936. [3] J. Bilek: Electric drive of motor cars â€Å"Slovenska strela† (Elektricka vyzbroj motorovych vozu â€Å"Slovenska strela†). Elektrotechnicky obzor 1937, Nr16, Pg249-253, Nr. 21 Pg. 331-336. [4] J. Mierlo: Simulation software for comparison and design of electric, hybrid electric and internal combustion vehicles with respect to energy, emission and performances. Vrije Universiteit Brussel. [5] Z. Cerovsky, P. Mindl, S. Fligl, Z. Halamka and P. Hanus: Power Electronics in Automotive Hybrid Drives, 10th International Electronics and Motion Control Conference EPE-PEMC Cavtat- Dubrovnik Croatia, September 2002, ISBN 953-184-047-4 [6] T. Denton : Automobile Electrical and Electronic Systems, SAE International ISBN 0 340 73195 8. [7] Michael H. Wesbrook: The Electric and Hybrid Electric Car, The Institution of Electrical Engineers, 2001, London [9] Lettl, J. , Fligl, S. : Matrix Converter in Hybrid Drives. Proceedings of 8th International Conference â€Å"Problems of Present-day Electrotechnics PPE 2004†, vol. 3, pp. 77-80, Ukraine, Kyiv, June 7-10, 2004, ISSN 0204-3599. [10] Lettl, J. , Fligl, S. : Matrix Converter Control System. Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium PIERS 2005 Proceedings, pp. 395-398, China, Hangzhou, August 22-26, 2005, ISBN 1-933077-07-7. [11] Cerovsky Z. , Mindl P. : Super-capacitor in hybrid drive. International Symposium on Electric Machinery in Prague ISEM 2003 , str. 110-111, ISBN 80-01- 02828-3 [12] Zdenek,J. : „Vibrationless Drive Controller Software Designâ€Å". Proc. of XI. int.symp. ISEM2003. Sept. 2003. Prague, pp. 158-165. [13] Cerovsky,Z. Mindl,P. : Hybrid Drive with Supercapacitor Energy Storage, FISITA Conference Barcelona. F193m 2004. [14] Cerovsky Z. , Mindl P. : Efficiency of Hybrid Electric Vehicle Powertrain using Electric Power-Splitting Synchronous Generator with Permanent Magnets. IPEC-Niigata 2005 [15] Mildorf M. : Mathematical model of a drive and fuel consumption of hybrid vehicle. Diploma thesis. 2007, Czech Techn. Uni. Prague. Faculty of El. Eng. [16] Simkova L. : Mathematical model of hybrid car. Bachelor thesis 2004. Czech Techn. Uni. Prague. Phaculty of El. Eng.

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Analysis of the Chase Scene in Blade Runner Essays -- Film, Movies

The chase scene is a key part of the film as it influences the viewer's overall opinion of the main character, "Roy". Throughout the film "Roy" is interpreted as the "villain" and "Deckard" seen as the "hero". However this scene creates sympathy for "Roy" and portrays him as a saviour figure. Ridley Scott, the director, does this using a range of technical, cultural and symbolic codes. These are the semiotic codes this essay will explore. Technical codes are the use of technical techniques used to create a certain atmosphere, mood or feeling. For example a Blue Filter is used to set a melancholy feel putting forward the image of "Roy" having "the blues". Cultural codes are themes or techniques used in media that are linked in some way to: religion, culture, events in history or previously published books and films (media). An example would be Ridley Scott's use of neon signs (TDK), behind "Roy" at the end of the chase scene. This suggests links with Tokyo, a main focal point for manufacturing goods. Symbolic codes use words, objects and images to represent a certain emotion or idea. In this case their main purpose is to provoke sympathy. An example would be "Roy's" black Nazi style coat symbolising/portraying him as an evil character. To begin the scene, the mood is set by a blue filter. This is a technical code: provoking the emotion of sadness. This effect creates sympathy for "Roy" because the atmosphere is dismal and melancholy. Likewise the establishing shot is in soft focus, another technical code creating a gentle, calm mood, which contrasts with the violence later to come. These two techniques toget... ...s meanwhile show he feels yet again as a human does and hence the viewer relates to "Roy" and therefore empathises with him. Finally he dies and a dove flies away out of his hands, representing peace and "Roy's" soul. But does "Roy" have a soul? This is one of the many rhetorical questions the viewer is left to think about. It is not a spoken question, it is an open-ended sign, there is no limit the audiences' interpretation; it is a mere guide to their emotional response. To conclude I think the piece is extremely successful in making the viewer feel sympathy for "Roy" through each semiotic code. The issues raised about "Roy" through these leave the viewer in suspense with unanswered questions like: Was "Roy" programmed to have emotional responses? What are his rights? Maybe he was man made. But aren't we all?

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Bmw Films Case Essay

In 2001, BMW came out with its latest innovative marketing strategy titled BMW Films. In partnering with Fallon and Anonymous Productions, who connected with A-list directors, actors, and production value, created a series of five films collectively called â€Å"The Hire† that generated 2. 5 millions viewers with over 24,000 more unit sales than the 2000. And the question now rise to what should BMW’s next move be. ANALYSIS It took the firm about 50 years from its first automobile in 1929 to be firmly established in North America. But right when other Japanese cars entered the market in in the late 1980s, BMW went from one of the most brought luxury car to falling behind Lexus who became the number-one luxury import in the country. The brand had an outdated image and U. S sales went from 96. 8 (thousands) in 1986 to 53. 5 (thousands) in 1991 supported by Exhibit 1 and 4. But after taking drastic measure of reinvigorate itself in North American by introducing newer models and series that were more suitable for the North American market, a new brand image arose and BMW sales rebounded reach records level from 1996-2001. In 2001, BMW was definitely in its maturity phase where it has enough brand awareness amongst its target market that it didn’t’ need an extravagant marketing budget. In Exhibit 2, out of the luxury brands top 5 highest total sales, BMW was the second most selling brand while only spending half (62. 4 million) of its competitors (134-215 million). BMW attracted a different psychographic than its competitors. It looked for highly educated affluent person who wants to have a great driving experience. Exhibit 7 shows BMW’s Customer Base vs. the Competition where the highest percentage of its target age group is 30-44 compared to everyone else. Besides Volvo, BMW customer base is predominately married men. BMW has one of the highest numbers of customers under 45 with no children and the lowest number over 45 with no children. Compared to other luxury brands in Exhibit 3, BMW is right in the middle with pricing its Sedans. Its neither has the highest or the lowest price, which is right in line with its target market who’s income is also in the middle range from the other’s. (See Appendix 1 for SWOT analysis). ALTERNATIVES The different options for BMW is summarized by: 1. Make the films available to a wider audience by distributing in places like the theatres 2. Develop 3-5 more short films in relations to it’s current series 3. Develop a full length movie that would showcase in theatres 4. Do nothing and simply move on to the â€Å"next thing† RECOMMENDATION With all its success with the BMW Films, I would recommend BMW go with option 4 and do nothing and simply move on to the â€Å"next thing†. According to McDowell, 90% (2 million) of the series’ viewers wanted to see more films, but in Exhibit 11 when BMW came out with 3 additional films, only 13%, 18%, and 29% of the number views compared to first film in the series respectively. I think BMW was able to successfully reach its targeted market and with it’s position as being the leader in the market. Where not only if the other companies starts copying BMW, but BMW when â€Å"copies† itself, just like the Goldeneye taught the company, repeat performances are rarely as compelling as premiere performances.

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The Definition of a Dermal Denticle

Dermal denticles (placoid scales) are tough scales that cover the skin of elasmobranchs (sharks and rays). Even though denticles are similar to scales, they are actually just modified teeth and are covered with hard enamel. These structures are packed tightly together and grow with their tips facing backward, giving the skin a rough feel if you run your finger from tail to head, and a smooth feel from head to tail. What Dermal Denticles Do The main function of these denticles is for protection against predators, kind of like a naturally occurring  chainmail armor, although in some sharks they have a hydrodynamic function. The denticles reduce turbulence and drag which allows the shark to swim faster and covertly. Some swimsuit manufacturers are trying to replicate sharks denticles in swimsuit material in order to help swimmers cut through the water faster.   Like our teeth, dermal denticles have an inner core of pulp (made up of connective tissues, blood vessels, and nerves), covered by a layer of dentine (hard calcareous material). This is covered with an enamel-like vitrodentine, which provides a hard outer casing. While scales in bony fish grow as the fish gets large, dermal denticles stop growing after they reach a certain size. More denticles are added later as the fish grows.

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Symbolism In The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams

Tennessee Williams had a rough past as a result it influenced him to write plays about the conditions in the 1930s. Although Williams had a tough past, Williams became very successful in his writings and plays. Nevertheless Williams gained popularity among his peers. His experiences in the 1930s affected his work especially in The Glass Menagerie. Williams’s homosexuality made him be seen as an outcast in American society. Not to mention that homosexuality was not as widely accepted as it is today. The writing style of Williams creates a unique and great story. Tennessee Williams utilizes symbolism to express his themes throughout The Glass Menagerie. There are many events in Tennessee Williams’s early life that is similar to the†¦show more content†¦Williams creates an illusionary state between the old south and the new industrial world (Topham 4). The play represents memories of Tom years later and is not a depiction of actuality (Adler 5). The truth is in a pleasant guise of illusion (Beattie 2). While the play represents the past, there are also other examples of symbolism. In the play, The Glass Menagerie, Williams uses many symbols that are stated directly and indirectly. Williams employment of symbolism is needed to capture the reality of illusion (Adler 5). Laura was given the nickname â€Å"Blue Roses† by a boy she loved in high school (Adler 6). Roses are delicate, beautiful, and fanciful, like Laura and her glass animals, but they both have no real existence (Adler 6). The glass unicorn is her favorite glass animal (Beattie 3). When Jim breaks off the horn accidentally, Laura realizes that she ordinary like the unicorn-turned horse (Beattie 4). Another symbol is a dead-end alleyway, which cats are trapped and killed by dogs (Holditch 2). All the characters are trapped in different ways, and each escape into an illusion (Holditch 2). The symbols relate to the themes and characters. The themes provide a deeper understan ding of the play and of the characters. Tom’s father abandoned his family, who appears only in a photograph on the wall (Adler 6). Tom abandoned the family the same way his father did, but he wanted to leave his life situation (Beattie 2). Amanda struggles to support herShow MoreRelatedSymbolism In The Glass Menagerie By Tennessee Williams822 Words   |  4 Pages A play based on the power of memory, The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams is a story told from Tom Wingfield’s point of view and depicts Laura’s imaginary world, a place where she can retreat and escape the reality of the present, and live in a â€Å"perfect† world. Laura’s memories from the past shape her personality, such as the name, â€Å"Blue Roses,† which illustrates her fragile nature, much like the fragility of the glass menagerie. In order to symbolize Laura Wingfield’s fragile behavior dueRead MoreSymbolism and Crossing the Rubicon in Tennessee Williamsâ⠂¬â„¢ â€Å"The Glass Menagerie.†1784 Words   |  8 PagesThe masterful use of symbolism is delightfully ubiquitous in Tennessee Williams’ â€Å"The Glass Menagerie.† He uses a collection of dim, dark and shadowy symbols that constantly remind the audience of the lost opportunity each of these three characters continually experience. This symbolism is not only use to enlighten the audience to their neglected opportunities to shine, but it is also repeatedly utilized to reinforce the ways in which the characters try in vain to cross over turbulent waters intoRead MoreSymbolism In The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams Essay1827 Words   |  8 PagesTennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie, is a play that evokes great sympathy and in some cases, empathy for a protagonist who struggles to overcome two opposing forces; his responsibilities and his desires. There are many symbols and non-liner references that contribute to the development of characterization, dramatic tensions and the narrative. This essay will examine in detail, the aspects of the play that contribute to the development of the above mentioned elements. In Toms opening addressesRead MoreThe Glass Menagerie Symbolism Essay800 Words   |  4 PagesTitle Tennessee Williams had a rough past that influenced him to write plays about the 1930s. Williams’s life was very successful in his writing, making him known to many. His experiences in the 1930s affected his work. Williams’s homosexuality made him be seen as an outcast in American society. Tennessee Williams utilizes symbolism to express his themes throughout The Glass Menagerie. There are many events in Tennessee Williams’s early life that is similar to the details in The Glass MenagerieRead More The Importance of Symbolism in The Glass Menagerie Essay1609 Words   |  7 PagesImportance of Symbolism in The Glass Menagerie  Ã‚      Tom Wingfield is the narrator and a major character in Tennessee William’s timeless play, The Glass Menagerie. Through the eyes of Tom, the viewer gets a glance into the life of his family in the pre-war depression era; his mother, a Southern belle desperately clinging to the past; his sister, a woman too fragile to function in society; and himself, a struggling, young poet working at a warehouse to pay the bills. Williams has managed toRead More Alienation in Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie Essay examples943 Words   |  4 PagesAlienation in Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie Life is a lonely tale of alienation, as Tennessee Williams conveys though his play, â€Å"The Glass Menagerie.† Williams surrounds Laura in isolation from a world in which they wish to belong to by using various symbols. The symbolic nature of the motifs hidden within the lines of this play provides meaning to the theme found consistent throughout the play: Individuals are all alone in the world. Williams brilliantly illuminates theRead More Essay on the Symbolism of the Menagerie in The Glass Menagerie1002 Words   |  5 PagesThe Symbolism of the Menagerie in The Glass Menagerie      Ã‚   Tennessee Williams play, The Glass Menagerie, describes three separate characters, their dreams, and the harsh realities they face in a modern world.   The Glass Menagerie exposes the lost dreams of a southern family and their desperate struggle to escape reality. Williams use of symbols adds depth to the play. The glass menagerie itself is a symbol Williams uses to represent the broken lives of Amanda, Laura and Tom Wingfield andRead MoreEssay about Williamss Use of Symbolic Reference in The Glass Menagerie851 Words   |  4 Pagesof Symbolic Reference in The Glass Menagerie Tennessee Williams wrote The Glass Menagerie basing it on himself and his life, although not always in detail. Tennessees life was not one of perfection. It had a lot of downs causing the play to be a very sentimental, dimly lighted and emotionally play. Although this play has a very basic story line Tennessee use of symbolism crates a much more meaningful story of the Wingfild family. Symbolism is used in almost everyRead MoreSymbolism in the Glass Menagerie Essay831 Words   |  4 PagesSymbolism in The Glass Menagerie Symbolism plays a fundamental part in Tennessee Williams’s play, â€Å"The Glass Menagerie†. Examples of the use of symbolism include the fire escape, as an escape from the family, the phonograph, as an escape from reality, the unicorn, as a symbol for Lauras uniqueness and the father’s photograph, representing something different to each character. Through recognition of these symbols, a greater understanding of the play’s theme is achieved. ThroughoutRead More Three Important Symbols in The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams1429 Words   |  6 PagesThree Important Symbols in The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   In Tennessee Williams The Glass Menagerie, the narrator is used to reveal elements of Williams own life as a victim of the Depression in the 1930s. Williams does this through his eloquent use of symbolism. Three symbols seem to reveal Williams intent especially accurately; the unicorn, the picture of Mr. Wingfield, and Malvolios coffin trick.      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The unicorn is a symbolic representation of ways